Our Story

Our Values

Embracing integrity, innovation, and excellence, our values drive everything we do. They’re the cornerstone of our commitment to honest, dedicated service, ensuring your success is at the heart of all we deliver.

We do the right thing

In an industry where companies prioritise fast and easy profit, we choose to do the right thing – protecting our clients and their customers, following processes, and always protecting your data.

Relationships built on honesty and transparency

From the start, we are honest and clear about how we can help you get to where you need to be. We share progress, wins, and opportunities for improvement with you on a regular basis, and welcome honest conversations about campaigns.

The challenger spirit is in our DNA

We started as a challenger – asking how we could improve the BPO industry in South Africa. And then we did it. We challenge the idea that school leavers aren’t employable – we upskill them, help them grow, and create ripples of change in their communities. By doing things differently, we’ve built a sustainable business with strong client relationships that get better as time goes by.

People Matter

This all starts and ends with people. Whether it’s our clients, our team, the people we’re contacting, or our community – recognising the human element of what we do is what makes the biggest difference. It’s about respect, honesty, and compassion at every level.

Our Brand

Our brand, rooted in the Procera Juniperus tree of sub-Saharan Africa, embodies strength, integrity, and commitment. 

Like its sturdy trunk and reaching branches, we extend ourselves to foster transparent relationships and offer protective services, enabling your business to thrive. With Procera, you’re choosing more than a business partnership; you’re choosing a connection that grants you the freedom to grow and flourish, echoing the tree’s enduring spirit. Our commitment to values and innovation ensures your success takes root and blossoms. Join us on a journey where your business can thrive as beautifully as the tree from which we draw our name.

Our Purpose

Creating brighter futures through meaningful connections.

Our dedication to creating brighter futures permeates every facet of our existence. From our collaborative endeavours to our customer relationships, we believe in the transformative power of meaningful connections. Through empathy, innovation, and purpose-driven initiatives, we strive to positively impact every life we touch.

Our Position

Enhancing the potential of human connection.

At Procera, we recognise the immense potential within human connections, Our unique position in the industry is rooted in our relentless pursuit of innovation and our belief in the inherent value of genuine connections. We continually explore new avenues, technologies, and strategies to elevate and amplify these connections, fostering environments where possibilities are limitless.

Our Leadership

Thirty years of success and strong client relationships mean that we’re a safe pair of hands that you can trust. This has allowed us to deliver cutting-edge customer lifecycle management solutions to clients in South Africa, the UK, USA and Australia.

Andre Bezuidenhout

Group Chief Executive Officer

Crispin Sonn

Group Chairman

Devon Pather

Group Non-Executive Director

Jonathan Hawker

Group Chief Financial Officer

Verena Banach

Procera: Managing Executive

Neel Singh

TRAQ: Chief Information Officer

Mbali Mbongwa

Group Marketing Executive

Shawn Lewis

Blake Collections: Managing Executive